My values and artistic expression
drive me so that people discover
the vitality in their bodies and souls

My name is Silvana. I love life, nature, animals, the arts, people and dancing. The human body and its intricacies fascinate me.

Originally from Venezuela with roots in the Caribbean and Europe, I have a degree in Media Communication. I also trained as a contemporary dancer.

My interest in mind-body disciplines started 20 years ago with a Myofascial Release training and a consistent yoga practice. Later, I became a fully comprehensive Pilates teacher. My continuous education also includes a certification in the GYROTONIC® Method
and the Jumping-Stretching Board.

As a professional contemporary dancer I spent many years learning about my body and my numerous injuries. I now teach people how to move safely and to respect and listen to their bodies.

I believe in inspiration and transformation.

I hope to inspire you to increase the vitality of your body and help you live a full healthy life. The transformation comes from movement itself. This is where I join your personal story by bringing the solid principles of Pilates, the stillness of Yoga, the openness of stretching and the joy of dance to your life.

Life is made of small moments

Life is made of small moments

My Mission

I recognize the interaction between mind and body, the struggle of modern life and the important work that we all have to do in this world. My mindfulness teaching sees you as a whole person and considers both the emotional and structural aspects of your body and health.

Your physical health and wellbeing needs to be fun and should be part of your daily routine.

I’m here to provide my knowledge and time to empower you and to help you improve your fitness with a respectful and holistic approach.

My grateful customers say

Silvana is by far the most efficient coach we've had.

Paulette et Jean-Michel Hirschfeld

My first Pilates experience with Silvana was an observation session while I was in training to become a Pilates teacher. I was immediately seduced by her teaching.

Sylvie Gauvin

She helped me strengthen all those little muscles in between so that I can continue to Crossfit without injury.

Devanei Kandasamy

Her high quality classes are each customized with a specific goal.

Ingrid Matagne

My short-term professional goals

My Own Studio

I dream of a studio where I am able to offer all the multiple disciplines I teach; supporting my client’s wellbeing by empowering them from the inside out. I envisage an intimate studio where clients can workout in a comfortable, relaxed and warm atmosphere, as they would at home.

Are you interested in supporting my goals? Do you have any ideas?

Please write me at

Having fun on stage


Pilates, Stretching, Yoga and Dance teacher

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